Tyler Toilet Repair & Installation

You’re in your living room late at night while home alone. And over the sound of the TV, you hear the toilet in your hallway bathroom flush.

Once you shake off the jitters, you go to investigate the situation. While you watch it, you see it ripple, gurgle, and eventually flush again, all without getting used.

Before you call for an exorcist or a priest, one of the experienced plumbing repair contractors at Mink Plumbing Co. can assist you. When a toilet’s seals, mechanics, and piping begins aging, they cause all sorts of odd sights and sounds until they get fixed.

Whenever you need the best in local Tyler, TX plumbing companies, our team has continued helping countless residents for more than 50 years. See why we stay the trusted solution for all your toilet repair and toilet installation services today.

Toilet Repairs Tyler

You use your toilet so frequently that you never stop and think about how it works in the first place. A feeder line fills the tank, which flows into the bottom half during flushing.

Between the two are several parts that help the process, from a flapper ball indicating where the water level should be, to rubber seals that keep liquid where it needs to stay. Over time, these parts wear out, causing wasted water and higher utility costs.

Whatever your commode happens to be doing, we know how to fix it quickly. Hire our plumbing repair experts for any service needs, including:

  • Continually Running Tonight
  • Flushing Continually
  • Toilet Wall Leak
  • Toilet Base Leak
  • Leaking/Damaged Tank
  • Worn-Out Connections
  • Clogged/Blocked Toilet
  • Worn-Out Seals
  • Broken Flushing Mechanism
  • Flush Handle Troubleshooting
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Replacement Toilet Service
  • And more repair solutions.

We have more than five decades of repair service experience under our belts, and there is nothing that we can’t handle. Call us now to give your bathrooms the best in local plumbing contractors.

Tyler Toilet Installation

Whether you’ve already called a repair service out multiple times already, or you’re tired of how old and yellowed your unit has become, there’s never a wrong time to have a new toilet installed. However, it likely won’t be a Do It Yourself project if you’ve never attempted it before.

Taking an existing unit out is far simpler than trying to get a new one in place, especially when dealing with the wax ring, feeder tubes, and other components. Most commodes remain bulky, and unless you get it squared just right, you’ll soon see leaks at the base.

Our team can quickly remove, replace, and install any style of toilets from most major brands and stores. You don’t have to pay more for their preferred vendors, and we can have yours ready for us fast.

If you have never installed a new toilet before, or you feel unsure of how to handle it correctly, you can always count on us for faster service and lower pricing every day. See why more homeowners hire Mink Plumbing Co. contractors.