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Cold Weather Plumbing Tips

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July Special

Did you hear that weird noise from your bathroom? Don’t wait until the problem worsens!

Give us a call now and we will give you 5% off your drain cleaning service!

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Cold Weather Plumbing Tips for Tyler, TX Residents

When the temperature in Tyler, TX, dips, it’s crucial to prepare your home’s plumbing for the cold. Mink Plumbing is here with expert advice and services to help protect your plumbing system from the chill. Follow these preventive steps to safeguard your home!


Preventive Measures for Your Plumbing

Disconnect Garden Hoses

Prevent freezing by disconnecting, draining, and storing garden hoses. This simple step can prevent water from freezing in the hose and causing backflow into your indoor pipes, which might lead to freezing and potential bursting.

Insulate Your Pipes

Wrap pipes, especially those in unheated areas like basements, attics, and garages, with insulation sleeves or wrapping. This additional layer can be crucial in preventing freezing.

Seal Any Air Leaks

Check around your home for any leaks that allow cold air inside, especially near plumbing fixtures. Use caulking or insulation to seal these leaks to keep warm air in and cold air out.

Open Cabinet Doors

Allow warmer air to circulate around plumbing by keeping cabinet doors open under sinks, especially if they’re located on exterior walls.

Let Faucets Drip

Allow a slight drip from faucets during extremely cold weather. This trickle can prevent pressure build-up from ice blockages, reducing the risk of burst pipes.

Keep a Consistent Temperature

Maintain a steady temperature in your home, day and night. Avoid lowering your thermostat significantly during cold snaps to prevent freezing.

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What to Do During a Plumbing Emergency

No Water? Check for Frozen Pipes

If turning on a faucet yields no water, your pipes may be frozen. Mink Plumbing advises against trying to thaw pipes with an open flame. Instead, gently warm them with a hairdryer or towels soaked in hot water.

Safely Thaw Frozen Pipes

For tips on safely thawing your pipes, check out our detailed blog post about frozen pipes. Remember, slow and steady is the key to safely thawing without causing damage.

Inspect for Bursts or Leaks

Regularly inspect your pipes for any signs of burst or leaking pipes. If you find damage, turn off your water at the main shut-off valve and call Mink Plumbing immediately.

Know Your Emergency Shutoff Location

Familiarize yourself with the location of your main water shut-off valve. In the event of a pipe burst, quickly turning off the water can minimize damage.

Instructional Plumbing Videos

For more information be sure to check out these videos from our very own Glenn Mink!

How to Install a Hose Bibe

How to Drain a Tankless Water Heater

How to Insulate a Tankless Water Heater

Winter Plumbing Preparedness with Mink Plumbing

Tyler’s chilly spells can bring unexpected plumbing emergencies. Mink Plumbing is dedicated to assisting our community with prompt, reliable service. While we’re en route, remember these tips to manage cold weather plumbing challenges effectively.

Stay warm, stay safe, and rely on Mink Plumbing to navigate through Tyler’s cold weather plumbing challenges together!


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