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July Special

Did you hear that weird noise from your bathroom? Don’t wait until the problem worsens!

Give us a call now and we will give you 5% off your drain cleaning service!

Toilet Installation & Toilet Repair Tyler, TX

You’re in your living room late at night while home alone, and over the sound of the TV, you hear the toilet in your hallway bathroom flush.

Once you shake off the jitters, you go to investigate the situation. While you watch it, you see it ripple, gurgle, and eventually flush again, all without getting used.

Before you call for an exorcist or a priest, one of the experienced plumbing repair contractors at Mink Plumbing Co. can assist you. When a toilet’s seals, mechanics, and piping begins aging, they cause all sorts of odd sights and sounds until they get fixed.

For more than 60 years, we have continued to be the top plumbing company in Tyler, TX. See why we are still the trusted solution for all your toilet repair and toilet installation services today.


Common Toilet Problems

Having been in business for more than 60 years, we’ve seen it all when it comes to toilet problems. Here are some of the most common issues we’ve seen and fixed throughout the Tyler, TX area:

  • Continually running toilets
  • Continually flushing toilets
  • Overflowing toilets
  • Clogged/blocked toilets
  • Toilets that won’t flush
  • Slow filling tanks
  • Toilet wall leaks
  • Toilet base leak
  • Leaking/damaged tank
  • Worn-out connections
  • Worn-out seals
  • Toilets that rock or tip when you sit on them
  • Low water pressure
  • and more!

Don’t let toilet troubles disrupt your day! Call Mink Plumbing for top-notch toilet repair services as soon as you notice any of the issues above!

Our Tyler, TX Plumbing Services

Toilet Repair in Tyler, TX

At Mink Plumbing, we understand that your toilet is one of the most crucial fixtures in your home. It’s easy to overlook its complexity until something goes wrong. From the flapper ball that regulates water levels to the rubber seals ensuring leak-free operation, every component plays a vital role. However, with frequent use, these parts can wear out, leading to inefficiencies and inflated utility bills.

Our Toilet Repair Process

With over 60 years of experience in plumbing repair services, we’ve seen and fixed every type of toilet issue. Whether it’s persistent clogs, leaks, or a toilet that won’t flush or stop running, our expert technicians can handle it all efficiently and effectively. Here’s what you can expect when you call us for toilet repair in Tyler, TX or the surrounding area!

  1. Diagnosis: We’ll inspect the toilet to identify the specific issue, checking for leaks, clogs, and malfunctioning components.
  2. Preparation: Once we’ve found the problem, we’ll shut off the water supply to the toilet, then drain the tank and bowl to prevent spills.
  3. Repair: We’ll replace or repair faulty parts such as flappers, valves, or seals. We’ll also unclog the toilet or drain it if necessary.
  4. Testing: We’ll turn the water back on and flush the toilet multiple times to ensure the problem is fixed. We’ll check for leaks and proper functioning of all components.
  5. Final Check: Before we wrap things up, we’ll make sure the area is clean and the toilet is stable and operating efficiently. We’ll also run you through what we did, how you can avoid running into the problem in the future (if possible!) and make sure that the issue is resolved to your satisfaction!

Toilet Installation in Tyler, TX

Is your toilet beyond repair, or are you ready to upgrade to a newer, more efficient model? Installing a new toilet can be daunting, especially with the complexities of wax rings, feeder tubes, and ensuring a leak-free fit. Toilet installation is not just about removing the old unit; it’s about precisely installing the new one to avoid future problems.

Our Toilet Replacement & Installation Process

At Mink Plumbing, we specialize in the removal, replacement, and installation of toilets. Our skilled team works with all major brands and models, ensuring a perfect fit and finish. We provide high-quality installation services without the high costs of preferred vendors, making us the go-to choice for homeowners in Tyler. Here’s what you can expect when you call us to install or replace a toilet in Tyler, TX!

  1. Removal of Old Toilet: We’ll shut off the water supply and drain the existing toilet. We’ll disconnect the water line and remove the mounting bolts. Then we’ll carefully lift and remove the old toilet.
  2. Preparation for New Toilet: We’ll clean the flange area on the floor and remove any old wax or debris. We’ll then check the flange for damage and repair if necessary.
  3. Installation of New Toilet: We’ll place a new wax ring on the flange. Then we’ll position the new toilet over the flange, aligning it with the mounting holes. Once we’re happy with the positioning, we press down to seal the wax ring, and secure the toilet with bolts.
  4. Connecting and Testing: It’s then time to attach the water supply line to the toilet. Once attached, we’ll open the water supply valve and let the tank fill. We’ll then flush the toilet several times to check for leaks and proper operation.
  5. Final Inspection: We’ll make sure the toilet is stable and level, and check all connections for leaks. We’ll clean up our the area and review the installation with you.

Tyler Toilet Repair and Installation Experts are Ready to Help!

At Mink Plumbing, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch plumbing services throughout Tyler, TX. Our skilled team specializes in efficient toilet repairs and installations, ensuring your plumbing needs are met with professionalism and precision.

Let us handle your toilet challenges and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable service and quality workmanship. Reach out today!


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