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Whenever something breaks down in your home, you call in a licensed contractor to repair it the correct way. When discussing plumbing issues, however, most homeowners throughout the Tyler, Texas, community stubbornly try and fix it by themselves.

What the typical homeowner might not realize is how many plumbing lines get made of plastic, PVC, and vinyl materials, or they carry gas fumes. These lines easily crack, snap, and break away from whatever they have been joined to, causing a significant, expensive mess in the end.

Plumbing repairs quickly get worse with simple mistakes. For more than 50 years, Mink Plumbing Co. has assisted countless homes in the Tyler area with the best in affordable repair solutions.

When you need a trustworthy source of contractors for your plumbing needs, more residents turn to us. No other plumbing company in the region compares to our level of experience or dedication to your repair needs.

Ed Mink and Glen Mink

Our Team

Ed Mink

Ed Mink has been running Mink Plumbing since 1981 when he took over from his dad. Since that time, Ed has been overseeing every build and repair. Ed is a master plumber with multiple accreditations.

Glenn Mink

Glenn Mink is a third-generation plumber learning from his dad, Ed Mink. Glenn is a master plumber with multiple accreditations.

Larry Littrell

Service Technician

Houston Alexander

Service Technician

Amber Mink

Amber Mink runs the front office of Mink Plumbing. She ensures that all schedules are maintained and calls are answered and responded to promptly.

Colby Littrell

Service Technician

Kress McClain

Service Technician

Mark Morris

Service Technician

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