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Despite how treacherous Hollywood makes them seem, residential gas utility hookups remain an increasingly popular way to replace traditional electric lines. Whenever you need to heat your home, boil water, or just reduce your monthly expenses, many Tyler, TX homeowners have been making the change to gas.

Unfortunately, if you’ve never relied on natural gas, propane, or another common utility type, you might not know when you have a repair concern, or when the system is operating abnormally. When there is a significant issue, however, you can’t hesitate before calling in a certified repair service provider.

Whether you feel scared over the possibility of a gas line fire or aren’t sure if you found an unusual odor, Mink Plumbing remains the best choice for complete gas piping services. We can repair, replace, or help you make the switch to gas, all at the lowest pricing possible every day.

If you’re tired of watching and waiting for pots of water to boil, or you’re sick of your clothes never thoroughly drying, we can help you enjoy the benefits of natural gas hookups. Give your home the best choice in gas line service and keep your home safer for less.

Our plumbing repair team can find and repair any issue, as well as give you the best in new line installation services. Whatever you need from your house’s gas line connections, we are here for you to solve issues like:

  • Sulfur Smells
  • Debris Clogs
  • Too Large/Too Small Fittings
  • Seal Corrosion
  • Storm Damaged Pipes
  • Worn-Out Pressure Gauge
  • Low Gas Pressure
  • Utility Line Conversion
  • Exterior Line Repairs
  • Interior Line Service
  • Annual Safety Inspections
  • Emergency Gas Line Repair
  • And More!

Gas Piping In Tyler

While not every appliance will work more efficiently with a gas-powered utility connection, there are those that do benefit and function better than ever before. Stoves heat liquids in seconds, food cooks more evenly in ovens, and you can save a ton on your heating, cooling, and lighting needs every month.

However, over time, daily repeated use will leave your gas lines corroded. Eventually these maintenance concerns will worsen until they put your entire home and family at risk, making them vital to get taken care of fast.

Whatever you need to keep your loved ones safe, you can trust Mink Plumbing to provide fast and efficient repairs every day. See why we have stayed the trusted choice for more than 60 years in the Tyler area for gas line maintenance and installation!

How Dangerous is Having a Gas Line?

Although TV shows and movies would have you believe that all gas line hookups are ready to blow at a moment’s notice, they often aren’t any more hazardous to have than electrical connections. As a type of utility, the most dangerous aspect of using them is damaged connections and pipes.

While you won’t need to worry for a while, if you move into an existing home or you don’t remember the last time that they got serviced, they may have become more dangerous than you would expect.

Whether you need a safety inspection or a complete replacement, call Mink Plumbing for service.