Tips for Navigating Cold Weather Plumbing Emergencies

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March Special

For this month ONLY, have us come install a brand new Delta Matte Black Pull Down for as low as $5/week!
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As the biting cold weather tightens its grip on Tyler, TX, plumbing issues can escalate into emergencies.

At Mink Plumbing, we want to assure our valued customers that we are diligently working to address every plumbing concern during this challenging period.

While our team strives to reach you promptly, here are some crucial tips to help you manage cold weather plumbing emergencies on your own!

1. Contact Us Immediately

  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through various channels – email, phone, or our website chat
  • For urgent matters, text us at 903-566-3041

2. No Hot Water? Potential Frozen Water Heater Pipes

  • If you find cold water flowing but no hot water, it’s a red flag for potential frozen pipes around your water heater
  • Follow our frozen pipes guide and reach out to us if you have any questions

3. Act Swiftly with Frozen Pipes

  • Time is of the essence when dealing with frozen pipes; act swiftly to prevent extensive damage
  • Locate your emergency shutoff valve, making sure you can access it quickly if you need to

4. Know Where the Emergency Shutoff is Located

  • Commonly found outside in a box, in the ground, in front of the water meter
  • Check flower beds for another possible location
  • In newer homes with overhead PEX, inspect the garage wall for a shutoff valve

5. Exercise Patience – We’re Here for You:

  • Please understand that we are working diligently to help everyone in a timely manner
  • Your patience is very much appreciated as we navigate through the high demand

In times of crisis, taking swift action and understanding your plumbing system can make a significant difference. While Mink Plumbing is here to support you, these tips can help you manage emergencies until our team arrives. Stay warm, stay safe, and trust your local Tyler plumber to navigate through these cold weather challenges with you!

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