How to Keep Your Drains Clog-Free During the Holidays

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While the holiday season is filled with moments of warmth and joy, it also comes with the hustle and bustle of hosting gatherings.

Amidst the excitement of planning menus and guest lists, one unwelcome party crasher at your holiday feast is a plumbing mishap.

To ensure your celebrations are cheerfully uninterrupted, here are four invaluable tips from Mink Plumbing to help you sidestep any potential drain or sewer snags this festive season.

Of course, should any concerns arise, our expert team of Tyler, TX plumbers is here to assist you, offering reliable solutions to keep your holidays worry-free!

1) Pre-Guest Drain Inspection

If you notice sluggish drains before the festivities, consulting a professional for drain inspection or cleaning is wise. Addressing potential issues beforehand prevents unexpected plumbing problems during your guests’ stay.

2) Mind Your Garbage Disposal

While your holiday table brims with delicacies like turkey and cranberry sauce, take care to avoid overloading the garbage disposal. Refrain from disposing of starchy leftovers, bones, or fibrous vegetables, as these can challenge its functionality. Above all, never pour grease down the disposal to avert potential backups. Discover more about managing garbage disposals to maintain a smoothly functioning kitchen.

Run the disposal with water flowing continuously for 20-30 seconds after adding food. Avoid overloading it before switching it on, as excessive strain can lead to blockages.

3) Use Toilet Paper Wisely

With increased bathroom usage during gatherings, choose mid-range thickness toilet paper over thicker options. This selection handles the extra traffic, minimizing the risk of plumbing troubles for your guests. Consider using this type of toilet paper year-round for smoother plumbing operations.

4) Space Out Showers

Allocate a 15-minute gap between showers to prevent hair clogs and give drains a breather. This practice ensures adequate hot water for all guests and reduces the chances of clogs caused by hair and soap buildup over time.

Rely on Tyler’s Plumbing Experts

Holiday hosting comes with its share of excitement and stress. These essential tips can ease your concerns, ensuring a hassle-free celebration. Should you encounter plumbing issues or need drain cleaning in Tyler, TX, reach out to Mink Plumbing. Our team is ready to help, ensuring your holiday remains joyful and uninterrupted, even during emergencies!

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