Four Benefits of Mink Plumbing VIP Services

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Four Benefits of Mink Plumbing VIP Services

Are you looking for plumbing services that are reliable, dependable, and cost-effective? Look no further than Mink Plumbing VIP services. Located in Tyler, TX, Mink Plumbing offers a comprehensive VIP program that provides you with a range of benefits. From annual plumbing system inspections to 15% savings on any service, the Mink Plumbing VIP program has something for everyone. 

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Annual Plumbing System Inspection

One of the key benefits of Mink Plumbing VIP services is the annual plumbing system inspection. During this inspection, your service technician will walk through your home and inspect your plumbing system, tightening any loose faucet handles or other minor repairs. Additionally, each emergency shutoff under the sinks, toilets, water heater, and main water shutoff will be tested to ensure they will operate in case of an emergency.

Extended Warranty on Repairs

When you become a Mink Plumbing VIP member, you’ll have the added benefit of an extended warranty on repairs. This means you can rest assured that your plumbing system is in safe hands and that any repairs that are needed will be covered.

15% Savings on Any Service

When you’re a Mink Plumbing VIP member, you’ll receive a 15% discount on any repair service from the company. This means that you’ll save money with Mink Plumbing.

Preferred Treatment in an Emergency

Being a Mink Plumbing VIP member also entitles you to preferential treatment when you need to schedule a visit. This means that you’ll receive priority scheduling for any plumbing emergencies, making sure that your plumbing problems are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Mink Plumbing VIP services provide you with a range of benefits that can help keep your plumbing system running in peak condition. From an annual plumbing system inspection to 15% savings on any service, becoming a Mink Plumbing VIP member can help you save money and keep your plumbing system running smoothly. So if you’re looking for reliable and cost-effective plumbing services, consider becoming a Mink Plumbing VIP member today.

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