Garbage Disposal Repair Tyler

As you prepare dinner, you shove tons of vegetable skins, food scraps, and organic wastes down into the sink where it can get ground and washed away. However, after repeatedly flipping the switch up and down, nothing seems to happen.

Unfortunately, when garbage disposal issues arise, it isn’t always simple to know what the problem might remain. The problem is any number of concerns, including a bad motor, damaged blades, overheated electrical components, or something else entirely.

When more Tyler, TX homeowners can’t get their garbage disposal going, they turn to Mink Plumbing Co. time and again. For more than 50 years, we’ve helped more homes repair their plumbing fixtures fast, all at lower costs daily.

No matter what brand you have or what the problem might be, we guarantee the best results for less each time you hire us. See why we continue to remain the reliable option in complete plumbing services by choosing us today.

Tyler Garbage Disposal Repairs

Your garbage disposal unit stays a simple enough device, but several problems can plague it. Whether it’s a problem with the mechanics inside the housing unit, the blades, the electrical system, or something else, it can quickly grind your kitchen’s efficiency to a halt.

Our plumbing professionals have the expertise you can trust to tackle any number of repair items. From clearing clogs to replacing the entire disposal, we can handle it all for less every day.

See why more homeowners continue relying on us for all of their garbage disposal repair needs. We can save you more on any service options, including:

  • Frozen Blades
  • Jammed Disposal Blades
  • Sink Leaks
  • Motor Leaks
  • Inoperable/No Power
  • Lodged Foreign Objects
  • Drain Clogs
  • Overloaded Systems
  • Overheated Motors
  • Broken Blade Replacement
  • Replacement Garbage Disposals
  • New System Installation
  • And more garbage disposal repairs.

Whatever you need to get your kitchen back into the food waste business, you can count on us for the best results possible each time you call us. Contact us now for any issues your disposal may be giving you today.

Why Call Us?

You may think that because you know your way around motor vehicles, you can quickly repair your disposal. However, depending on what the nature of your problem might be, you could put yourself in harm’s way.

Electrical components pose a shock hazard while having your hands in the drain could lead to bruised knuckles or even amputated fingers. And when you aren’t entirely sure of what you are tinkering with, it only makes the situation that much more dangerous.

Instead, our team has been working with garbage disposal units for decades, and we have the skills necessary to handle any request or service call. We can have any disposal stripped down in minutes, or a new one installed fast.

You don’t have to rely on whoever your local hardware store hires, and you don’t need to keep yourself in danger just to save a few bucks. Choose Mink Plumbing Co. and save more now.